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Design Factory Stage, Betonimiehenkuja 5 C, Espoo

From waste to wealth - Microbes to the rescue!

Welcome to the 2019 Synbio Reverse Pitch Competition Kick-Off!

Can microbes turn waste into useful products,

can we purify water with new biopolymers?

Or feed old rugs to microbes?


Yes, yes and yes.

Join us on March 20th to hear more!

Register here

Meet with Ikea, St1, Kemira and Neste who will present their Synbio Challenges to the contestants of the 2019 Reverse Pitch Competition.


Event information

Name       Synbio Reverse Pitch Competition Kick-Off
Time          Wednesday 20.3.2019, 16:00–18:00
Venue       Design Factory, Stage
Address    Betonimiehenkuja 5 C, 02150 Espoo (On the map)



Boosting Circular Economy with Synthetic Biology
Riitta Silvennoinen /Specialist in the Circular economy focus area at Sitra Fund
Nina Pulkkis /Documentarist, Parad Media


Synthetic Biology and The Future of Finland

Howy Jacobs Professor of Molecular Biology, Tampere University
Science documentary about Synthetic Biology and The Microbial Revolution

The challenges presented: Ikea, St1, Kemira, Neste

Circular Economy: Making edible waste for microbes
Tomi Erho, VTT Principal Scientist
A novel device for processing problematic waste

Synbio – what could it be?
Merja Penttilä, Professor, Aalto University & VTT



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