Boosting Circular and Bioeconomy with Synthetic Biology

BioBusiness Builder helps you to transform ideas to business cases and further on to startup companies.  

BioBusiness Builder operates in the field of synthetic biology. Synthetic biology is a rapidly developing, disruptive technology. Synthetic biology enables design and engineering of new biological organisms as well as and redesign of existing biological systems for useful purposes. These synthetic organisms – living factories – can be programmed to produce a variety of desired chemicals, materials, medicine or fuels from renewable raw materials and waste fractions, as well as from CO2. Synthetic biology is used more and more in various industrial biotech applications. Synthetic biology can be used for instance in combating climate change, resource insufficiency and diseases. It enables use of side streams, biomass and carbon dioxide as raw material and supports resource efficiency and health.  


There is an inherent risk that early-stage potential business ideas will fail during development. BioBusiness Builder is designed to support the transformation of these ideas into business cases. This hands-on support is free of charge.

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Contact information

Tuula Palmén, 

co-creation manager

Synbio Powerhouse

050 4617290

About BioBusiness Builder:

BioBusiness Builder is a new service offered by Synbio Powerhouse, which is the operator of the synthetic biology innovation ecosystem in Finland and beyond. The ecosystem provides opportunities for partnering, matchmaking, education, mentoring, collaboration and co-creation.