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The new BioGarage at Aalto Design Factory offers students, researchers and start-ups the opportunity to test wild ideas and experiment freely using synthetic biology and related technologies in a GMO-lab environment.


Open-minded and cross disciplinary science is key to unlocking the potential that nature has to offer. Engineering biology enables the sustainable use of waste streams and CO2 as a carbon building blocks for synthesis of materials, food, fuels, chemicals and medicines. 


Join us to hear how grass root science can foster innovation and start-up creation! Our inspiring keynote speakers are:


Thomas Landrain

Co-Founder & President, - Just One Giant Lab 

Founder of the biogarage in Paris, La Paillasse and the Pili start-up 


Leslie Mitchell from New York University, creator of Synthetic yeast 2.0




13:30               Welcoming words, Design Factory, Professor Kalevi "Eetu" Ekman


13:35               BioGarage

                                    Merja Penttilä, Professor, Aalto University, VTT


13:50               Jenny & Antti Wihuri Foundation

                                    Arto Mäenmaa, Executive Director, Jenny & Antti Wihuri Foundation


13:55               Building a Synthetic Yeast 2.0

                                    Leslie Mitchell, Research scientists, New York University



14:20               Thomas Landrain, Co-Founder & President, - Just One Giant Lab

founder of the biogarage in Paris, La Paillasse ( and the Pili start-up (


14.35               Tuula Palmén, BioBusiness Builder 


14:40               Pezhman Mohammadi, Research Scientist, CYSS/VTT


14:50               iGEM teams: Aalto-Helsinki & Turku 


15:00               BioGarage Greetings 


15.20 -  16.45 DESIGN FACTORY TOURS with iGEM team demonstration in the BioGarage lab


BioGarage is a Synbio Powerhouse initiative sponsored by

Jenny ja Antti Wihuri Foundation. Other supporters include Aalto University, VTT, Sitra Fund.

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