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The NordAqua project ( ) funded by the NordForsk through the Nordic Bioeconomy Programme is a consortium representing scientists from 10 Nordic universities and research institutes along with 10 industrial partners and several societal stakeholders. The University of Turku is a coordinator of the consortium. NordAqua brings together world-leading academic researchers in the fields of photosynthesis, synthetic biology, industrial biotechnology, microbiology, medical sciences, water management and entrepreneurship in order to form a unique hub for cross-border Nordic collaboration within blue bioeconomy.




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Photosynthetic microbes are attractive option for sustainable cell factories, but the development of synbio toolboxes for photoautotrophs are lacking behind of the model heterotrophic organisms. One of the main goals of NordAqua is to design efficient photoautotrophic cell factories for the production of valuable compounds and fine chemicals, by making use of synthetic biology tools for cyanobacteria and green algal species. Specifically:

  1. Develop new biosynthetic pathways for production of valuable compounds.

  2. Employ synthetic biology to improve the cyanobacterial chassis strains.

  3. Develop synthetic biology tools for the green microalga.


The NordAqua consortia brings together various blue economy experts to innovate on use of the unique properties of aquatic photosynthetic organisms. It is also supporting fruitful interactions with company partners to achieve efficient knowledge transfer and interactions with the decision makers and public to advance science-based decision-making. NordAqua facilitates cross-border mobility, and welcomes interested parties to follow the project at and to contact consortium (below) or fill a collaboration request on


For more information, you can contact: 

Chair: Prof. Yagut Allahverdiyeva-Rinne; Email: allahve(a)


Co-chair: Prof. Eva-Mari Aro; Email: evaaro(a)


Project manager: Sema Sirin, Ph.D; Email: sema.sirin(a)

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