NewLeather: An alternative material to animal leather

On-going project


This project develops an optimized and scalable process to make leather alternatives from fungal mycelium. The concept is environmentally friendly as well as cost competitive compared to real animal leather. The materials are grown from fungi and can be processed to resemble animal leather in tensile strength, looks and haptics.


This initiative is led by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and is funded8 by Business Finland.



Open to partnerships

The project aims to demonstrate the scalability of the technology, increase material functionality, and understand material end-of-life options. Identifying potential markets and value chains will be important for finding the paths for commercial utilization of these materials.  

We are open to start a dialogue with those industrial partners interested in developing this technology further with us.

For more information, contact Géza Szilvay at geza.szilvay(a)