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Gene expression engineering in fungi.

Mojzita, D., Rantasalo, A. & Jäntti, J. Published in Curr. Opin.

Published in Biotechnol. 59: 141-149.


Fungi are a highly diverse group of microbial species that possess a plethora of biotechnologically useful metabolic and physiological properties. Important enablers for fungal biology studies and their biotechnological use are well-performing gene expression tools. Different types of gene expression tools exist; however, typically they are at best only functional in one or a few closely related species. This has hampered research and development of industrially relevant production systems. Here, we review operational principles and concepts offungal geneexpression tools. We present an overview on tools that utilize endogenous fungal promoters and modified hybrid expression systemscomposed of engineered promoters and transcription factors. Finally, we review synthetic expression tools that are functional across a broad range of fungal species.

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