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Nanollose makes a strategic investment in advance filtration technology company

Nanollose Limited (ASX:NC6) (“Nanollose” or the “Company”) a leading biotechnology company commercialising scalable technology to create fibres and fabrics with minimal environmental impact, is pleased to announce that the Company has made a $200,000 strategic investment (“Investment”) to acquire a 20% holding in CelluAir Pty Ltd (“CelluAir”), an Australian company developing an advanced filtration technology (“AFT”) based on nanocellulose.


  • Nanollose has made a $200,000 strategic investment to acquire a 20% holding in CelluAir, an Australian company developing an Advanced Filtration Technology (“AFT”) based on nanocellulose.

  • Developed by Queensland University of Technology, the AFT has been developed and validated over a number of years, culminating in the filing of a patent application in July 2020.

  • Capital from the Investment will be used to scale the AFT using off-the-shelf commercial equipment, in addition to commencing discussions with potential sales partners and distribution channels in Australia and internationally.

  • The Investment potentially enables Nanollose to enter the high growth personal protective equipment market, within which the face mask sector alone has reached US$11b in 2020, with strong growth forecast1 .

  • The AFT and CelluAir are being incubated by Innovyz, the commercialisation specialists responsible for developing and listing of Titomic Limited (ASX:TTT) and Amaero International Limited (ASX:3DA).

  • Strong working synergies exist between the companies, with the opportunity for Nanollose to supply microbial cellulose and expertise in nanocellulose to CelluAir, assisting in the commercialisation of the technology.

  • The commercialisation of Nanollose’s Tree-Free fibres remains the Company’s first priority.

Read the full press release:

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