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World CRISPR Day 2020 on October 20th!

Accelerating Discovery to Clinic and Real-World Applications

In today’s virtual world, it’s important as ever to keep up with the latest advances and cutting-edge research applications of CRISPR–the transformative genome engineering technology that is beginning to make a positive impact on human health and the world around us.

World CRISPR Day brings together the entire genome engineering community to discuss how we can safely enable discovery, therapeutics, and practical applications.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • An incredible line-up of 20+ speakers including genome engineers, scientists, and key opinion leaders (including CRISPR pioneer Dr. Jennifer Doudna as the keynote address)

  • 8 sessions in various CRISPR applications

  • Expo & Networking Session with your peers

A panel discussion featuring scientists from the award-winning documentary, Human Nature.

Register now for free:

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