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The Challenges



Aiming for zero waste: Find an innovative & sustainable way of recycling rugs. The rugs are pre-treated with a new extrusion device. (


Enabling Green Chemistry: Novel enzymes for modifying cationic biopolymers for water purification


St1 produces bioethanol from local sawdust side streams in their Cellunolix® concept, located in Kajaani, North Eastern Finland.The largest side stream from the production facility is hydrolysis lignin from the process. St1 Reverse Pitch Challenge is to find microbial routes for refining the lignin into to higher value products using synthetic biology.


How could we produce more with less? Find advanced solutions to increase sustainable production volumes of crop based feedstocks for fuels. 


Topics could include e.g.

·         Enhanced photosynthesis

·         Increased crop yields

·         Production of crops on marginal or contaminated lands

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