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BioBusiness Builder
BioBusiness Builder is designed to support the transformation of ideas into business cases. Contact: tuula.palmen(a)
Open GMO lab at Design Factory, Otaniemi (FIN). The Lab is financed and operated by Center for Young Synbio Scientists at Aalto University. Contact: james.evans(a)
Synbio Growth Engine
The Growth engine prepares and facilities core initiatives aiming at industrial transformation. Contact: sasha(a)
VTT applies scientific and technological means to turn large global challenges into sustainable growth for businesses and society.
Contact: jari.rautio(a)
Aalto University
This research group utilizes living cells as cellular factories that can contribute to solving humanities’ grand challenges. Contact: alexander.frey(a)
CYSS funds synthetic biology research in Finland by supporting young researchers, PhD students and post-docs. Contact: merja.penttila(a)
Aalto-Helsinki iGEM
The Aalto-Helsinki 2020 is a multidisciplinary team of 10 people with a shared ambition to conduct a unique synthetic biology research project. Contact: team(a)
Tampere University
Biotechnology and synthetic biology at Tampere University. Contact: ville.santala(a)
University of Turku
Engineering of photosynthetic cyanobacteria as production hosts to convert CO2 and water directly into desired industrial and consumer chemicals, using solar radiation as energy. Contact: pauli.kallio(a)
Helsinki Business Hub
Helsinki Business Hub is the international trade and investment promotion agency for the Finnish capital region. Contact: sonja.malin(a)
Business Finland
Business Finland offers small and medium-sized companies funding for research, product and business development. Contact: Ilmari.absetz(a)
Invest in Finland
Invest in Finland is the official investment promotion agency for Finland. Contact: helvi.vaisanen(a)
iGEM is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the open and collaborative advancement of synthetic biology, education and competition. Contact: epic(a)
IBISBA is designed to accelerate end-to-end bioprocess development, linking best-in-class R&D facilities to provide seamless multi-technology services. Contact: pauliina.tukiainen(a)
Enterprise Espoo
Business advice for everyone, free of charge. Part of Business Espoo. Contact:
Business Espoo
Business Espoo supports the vitality of businesses by offering the best, continuously developing services in one place. Contact: mayumi.shimizu(a)
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MassGlobal Partners
Boston-based MassGlobal Partners supports international technology companies to internationalize and explore US market opportunities. Contact: cbleyleben(a)
Scientific Consulting Finland
SSC provides expert support for market research, applying for funding (grant and investor), business development and internationalisation. Contact: anna-marja.hoffren(a)
Macon Oy
Macon is a consulting firm focusing on bio- and circular economy, energy and waste. It also offers legal, engineering and economic services. Contact person: sanna.taskila(a)
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