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What is Synbio Growth Engine?


Synbio Growth Engine is a cooperation network driven by the core member companies. We unify the efforts of agents that are open to establishing strong and timely market presence in the field of synthetic biology.

The Growth Engine encompasses a circle of partnerships from different silos of the synthetic biology industry for facilitating innovation projects from early stage to pre-commercial scale. Our committed companies include Lindström, Neste, Mirka, Coveross, and Cuitu. 


The overall focus of the Synbio Growth Engine is the creation of new materials and chemicals enabled by synthetic biology and computational biology. Current advances in science allow for the genetical reprogramming of cells for specific customer needs and establishment of environmentally sustainable production from various sidestreams.

In the last quarter of 2020, the existing themes of the Synbio Growth Engine include: 

  1. Chemicals & Fuels: CO2 & H2 based and microbial processes.

  2. Sustainability: Waste management and sidestream utilisation.

  3. Data: AI & predictions and machine learning.

  4. Textiles and Materials: Raw materials and Performance properties.

SynBio Growth Engine is operated by Vertical and conceived in collaboration with Synbio Powerhouse, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

For more information please contact Sasha Kazantsev at sasha(a) 

SynBio Growth Engine - Scheme v03.png
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