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Synbio Power Pitch Finalists have been chosen!

Biotechnology innovations for a circular bioeconomy


Harnessing the world's underutilized

waste streams with microbes

Microbes are well adapted to use various waste streams as feedstock to produce fuels, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and materials. Using the tools of synthetic biology we can further enhance this capability in applications on an industrial scale.

We invite companies, students and researchers from all over the world to participate in the SynbioPower Pitch 2021. This year's challenge is to find innovative ways to use biological feedstock and waste streams into added-value products, using the tools of synthetic biology and biotechnology. 

How it works

Call is closed

Fill in the form and submit your idea

by 10.6.2021 


Based on the submitted pitches, our  expert panelists will select the semi-finalists.

Announcements by

13th August 2021


The semi-finalists will receive mentoring from our expert panelists to refine their pitch

We offer also wet lab mentoring and lab space in Espoo Finland.

August-October 2021


Based on the refined pitches finalist are selected by our expert jury. The semi-finals will be held online in October 2021.

The finalists receive a one day ticket

2.12 to Slush 2021


The Finals are held 1.12.2021 during Slush side event (no need for Slush tickets). You can join the hybrid event on location or online. Our expert jury will select the winner.

The award is 5 000 €

(local tax rules may apply)

Competition rules and instructions

  • List the team members

  • Describe the business idea (max. 1200 characters)

  • You can add attachments (pptx, doc, pdf, jpg, gif, png) to your application

  • Do not disclose confidential information in your pitch.

  • Synbio Power Pitch Competition is for companies, researchers and students globally

  • Competition is organized by Synbio Powerhouse

  • Raw pitch sessions for the jury on 9th and 10th August

  • The jury chooses 10-12 Semifinalists by August 13th

  • The semifinalists will gain expert mentoring during August-October

  • The Semifinals are held in October and the jury will select 5 finalists based on the online or recorded pitches and the submitted info

  • The language of the competition is English

  • The finalists receive one day tickets for 2.12 to Slush 2021 (one ticket / team)

  • The finals are organized during Slush 2021 Dec 1st at 13-17:00 EET Helsinki time

  • The teams can consist of 1-5 people

  • The award of the competition is 5000 €, which the team can use freely

Meet the Jury

Juha Lindfors


Lifeline Ventures


Perttu Koskinen

VP of Innovation, Discovery and External Collaboration


Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 14.01.47.png

Janne Mielck

Private Equity, Infrastructure and Impact Investment executive



Miika Mahonen

Principal designer

HMD Global

merja.elisa.p copy.png

Merja Penttilä

Professor in Synthetic biology, Aalto-University. Research professor, VTT.

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 18.36.07.png

Rasmus Pinomaa

Director, Corporate Sustainability



Tuula Palmén

Co-Creation Manager, VTT


Cell and molecular biologist

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