WaWe: Waste to Wear

On-going project


Waste to Wear (WaWe) is a project intended to create new materials for the textile, fashion and wearable industries from textile waste streams using bio-based solutions. In autumn 2019, up to 30 start-ups in Finland and beyond were screened to initiate innovation projects. From this came the immediate need to build a new value chain for biotechnology solutions from textile waste.



Open to partnerships

The goal of this project is to co-create with partners and classify problems and technological solutions in three classes:

  1. Textile Recycling: Valorisation of end of life products and side streams by use of biotechnology (incl. mixed waste, dyes, plastic).

  2. Novel Materials created from textile recycling stream by use of advanced biotechnology (e.g. protein-based fibers, vegan bioleather, biodegradable plastics & dyes).

  3. Performance Textiles & Fashion Design and creation of performance materials of a broad range, including textiles, garments, accessories, coatings, sensors, composite materials, etc.


Companies within each class create value for companies in the next class. New materials will be designed for recyclability and can be used by companies of class 1 to create a circular economy model. Since this transition is gradual, the business models will change during the creation of the value chains and recycling of current textile waste.

Together with industrial partners, WaWe is looking to start joint experiments on the new solutions during an initial 2-year co-innovation project. This will create a new and unique ecosystem in Finland related to material science and biotechnology.

 VTT leads the application process and invites all Finnish companies to join the ecosystem of synthetic biology innovation. Selected foreign companies are also invited to join. Existing partners include Lindström Group, Pure Waste, Coveross, and Brightplus.

For more information, contact Marco Casteleijn at marco.casteleijn(a)vtt.fi