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Synthetic Biology Ecosystem

Where groundbreaking science meets industry disruption.


Great things can happen when the demand for alternatives to the fossil economy is met with groundbreaking technology

Synbio Powerhouse brings together companies and research organizations working to make synthetic biology a game changer. We are joining forces to make it big for our members in a world hungry for sustainable solutions.

Currently the global climate crisis and the changing customer behavior it causes call for game changing materials, products, chemicals and fuels. The answer to this massive challenge can be found in microscopic organisms, living cells that, through new technologies can be programmed to act as living factories. This is what synthetic biology does.


Synbio Powerhouse is a Finland-based ecosystem of companies and research organizations looking for answers in synthetic biology. This technology is new to many, disruptive in nature and not a branch of industry in itself, but rather an enabling technology to be used in numerous industries. Therefore cross-industry cooperation with deep contacts to the research community is needed to capitalize on this immense opportunity. This is what Synbio Powerhouse does.

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