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SynBio Powerhouse Membership
Bridging the gap between academia, research, business, and investors to create a future powered by Synthetic Biology

SynBio Powerhouse Membership

Join the SynBio Ecosystem

Synbio Powerhouse builds connections between researchers, businesses and investors.

As a member of our ecosystem you will have access to our workshops, seminars, investor events and receive in-depth insight into the latest trends and findings within synbio research. We also offer multidisciplinary project and co-creation opportunities connecting business needs with the brightest minds of biotechnology.

Join our ecosystem and gain access to our global network of operators within synthetic biology. We offer a communications platform for our members to share their news and events.

A wide range of benefits for our members.


Access to monthly and annual seminars and workshops with industry experts and researchers.


Advice on scale-up planning and execution of pilot phase experiments


Opportunity to promote your company’s services and news through Synbio Powerhouse platforms (includes social media, webpage and opportunity to speak at the Synbio Talk events)


Platform for start-ups to connect with industry partners and helping with the transition from idea - to lab - to pilot - to commercial scale



Information about the latest trends and discoveries in synthetic biology


Partner in mutually agreed grant applications coordinated by the innovation cluster


Visits to the Synbio Powerlabs’s lab premises (eventually also pilot plant when ready)


Student-oriented Synbio events for member university students

Synbio Powerhouse
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