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SynBio Powerhouse Membership
Bridging the gap between academia, research, business, and investors to create a future powered by Synthetic Biology

SynBio Powerhouse Membership

Join the SynBio Ecosystem

Synbio Powerhouse builds connections between researchers, businesses and investors.

As a member of our ecosystem you will have access to our workshops, seminars, investor events and receive in-depth insight into the latest trends and findings within synbio research. We also offer multidisciplinary project and co-creation opportunities connecting business needs with the brightest minds of biotechnology.

Join our ecosystem and gain access to our global network of operators within synthetic biology. We offer a communications platform for our members to share their news and events.

A wide range of benefits for our members.


Engage startups and facilitate early-stage lab research

  • Offering discounts for lab research projects

  • Offer a platform to present research and ideas

  • Connect startups with other members that could benefit from each other


Promote pilot scale production in Finland

  • Synbio Powerhouse members get access to the Pilot pre-booking system

  • 1-on-1 customer pilot project planning


Participate in ecosystem building and promote synthetic biology

  • Participate in joint EU projects

  • Participate in local biotech events

  • Collaborate with iGEM and iGEM teams


Communication and outreach of Synbio Powerhouse activities

  • Synbio Powerhouse Newsletter

  • Current updates at Synbio Talk events

  • Yearly cluster evaluation and info session for cluster members


Synbio Powerhouse
Tietotie 1, 02150 Espoo

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